Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard

2010-04-15 17:23:08 by jinxology

Feels good to get another game out there! I'm always struggling to find that nice balance of challenging and too easy. I always tend towards making games a little harder, perhaps because I love a challenge.

I've always loved the old D&D graph paper maps. I used to spend hours drawing out dungeons, shading them with colored pencils and loading them with diabolical traps. Since the map is secret while playing, I could never really share these creations with my friends. Someday, I thought, I'd make a game that is inspired by these glorious, tile-based maps.

I've been making games since I was 7. I've designed and talked about too many to count. I have a stack of notebooks filled with stats, sketches, damage tables and ideas. I'm very good at starting to make a game. I'm also very good at not finishing them. Despite this fact, since the inception of this passion, my failure to finish games has never mitigated my desire to make them. Every time I pick up that fresh notebook and a mechanical pencil, fresh ideas racing through my head, the passion consumes me and I feel like I'm 7 again.

Three years ago, I finished my first game and it was like the dam broke. Today, I launched my third game, and I couldn't be more stoked to see it live on the Interwebz. It's your mind against mine. As you wind your way through a labyrinth of puzzles, you can envision me cackling from the final chamber that houses the Talesworth Dragon. Please enjoy!

Oh, also, this isn't an official J!NX game or anything. This was a solo project I created in my free time.

Talesworth Arena Guide

2008-10-09 23:33:54 by jinxology


1. Every class has a skill that slows the opponent. This can double the cast time of their skills. Use it when you need him to move slower. And, most importantly, use it a LOT.

2. Make sure you understand all your skills. They often work well with each other. Read tips below to see how. If you're not using all your skills (barring Telepathy), you are not getting the most out of your class.

3. Don't forget to sell, or "Pawn", the artifacts you don't want in the Tavern. Easy money!


This class is all about taking damage and using it against your opponent. His mechanic is also the most unusual, so it may take a bit to use him properly. However, I can assure you he is a very capable class.

1. Adrenaline Rush is your friend. You can absorb up to 65% of the damage you are taking while it is active. That's huge. You can also use that Power with a Jab or Uppercut *against* the opponent. Big swing there.

2. Stagger removes buffs off of your opponent. It works great against an opponent that is Enraged (sped up), Healing (it removes heal-over-times), etc. Some monsters rely on their buff to hurt you.

3. Slowing is powerful, especially in certain cases. For example, slowing your opponent before he uses a 4 second cast ties him up in an 8 second cast. Slowing is very strong. Use it.


1. Until level 3, things are pretty straight forward, just use Wall of Atoms to avoid the big damage and Psychic Blast to stop what you need to stop (primary healing).

2. Once you get Concentration and Mana Shield, use these together to absorb a lot of damage. This should get you through the times when your psychic blast and wall of atoms are on cooldown.

3. At level 4 you get Brain Chill. Use it. A lot. It should always be used if its available, and often a great spell to start with.

4. At level 5 you get Telepathy, a great spell to help anticipate what the bad guy is gonna do.


1. This class is probably the most straightforward. With Groin Kick and Fist on a Spring, you can stop many of the nasty things your opponent tries.

2. Do not underestimate Bionic Arms. Stun, throw down Bionic Arms, and start pummeling with your primary weapon.
3. Keep your opponent slowed with Ground Jacks. This will double the cast time of his skills/spells.


I thought I'd give some tips for how to beat the level 3 monsters since this is really where button-smashing is not longer an option.

Horn Gouge is his hard hitting spell and when he Enrages, he hits fast. You need to minimize these two skills anyway you can.

Engineer: Start with stun. Use Fist on a Spring to interrupt his Enrage and keep up your damage spells.

Psionic: Start with stun. Wall of Atoms on the Horn Gouge and any other damage spells. Use Wall of Atoms often.

Juggernaut: Start with stun. Use your Adrenaline Rush to suck up lots of damage when he enrages, or on Horn Gouge.