Entry #1

Talesworth Arena Guide

2008-10-09 23:33:54 by jinxology


1. Every class has a skill that slows the opponent. This can double the cast time of their skills. Use it when you need him to move slower. And, most importantly, use it a LOT.

2. Make sure you understand all your skills. They often work well with each other. Read tips below to see how. If you're not using all your skills (barring Telepathy), you are not getting the most out of your class.

3. Don't forget to sell, or "Pawn", the artifacts you don't want in the Tavern. Easy money!


This class is all about taking damage and using it against your opponent. His mechanic is also the most unusual, so it may take a bit to use him properly. However, I can assure you he is a very capable class.

1. Adrenaline Rush is your friend. You can absorb up to 65% of the damage you are taking while it is active. That's huge. You can also use that Power with a Jab or Uppercut *against* the opponent. Big swing there.

2. Stagger removes buffs off of your opponent. It works great against an opponent that is Enraged (sped up), Healing (it removes heal-over-times), etc. Some monsters rely on their buff to hurt you.

3. Slowing is powerful, especially in certain cases. For example, slowing your opponent before he uses a 4 second cast ties him up in an 8 second cast. Slowing is very strong. Use it.


1. Until level 3, things are pretty straight forward, just use Wall of Atoms to avoid the big damage and Psychic Blast to stop what you need to stop (primary healing).

2. Once you get Concentration and Mana Shield, use these together to absorb a lot of damage. This should get you through the times when your psychic blast and wall of atoms are on cooldown.

3. At level 4 you get Brain Chill. Use it. A lot. It should always be used if its available, and often a great spell to start with.

4. At level 5 you get Telepathy, a great spell to help anticipate what the bad guy is gonna do.


1. This class is probably the most straightforward. With Groin Kick and Fist on a Spring, you can stop many of the nasty things your opponent tries.

2. Do not underestimate Bionic Arms. Stun, throw down Bionic Arms, and start pummeling with your primary weapon.
3. Keep your opponent slowed with Ground Jacks. This will double the cast time of his skills/spells.


I thought I'd give some tips for how to beat the level 3 monsters since this is really where button-smashing is not longer an option.

Horn Gouge is his hard hitting spell and when he Enrages, he hits fast. You need to minimize these two skills anyway you can.

Engineer: Start with stun. Use Fist on a Spring to interrupt his Enrage and keep up your damage spells.

Psionic: Start with stun. Wall of Atoms on the Horn Gouge and any other damage spells. Use Wall of Atoms often.

Juggernaut: Start with stun. Use your Adrenaline Rush to suck up lots of damage when he enrages, or on Horn Gouge.


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2008-10-16 00:22:56

it is kind of amazing how the juggernaught cant heal. i thought that he would be able to absorb health with that syringe

jinxology responds:

Juggernaut is built to take damage and use it against his opponent. Healing goes against his credo :)


2008-10-17 20:05:08

i love the game. im a lvl 6 juggarnaurt and at the anya thevi guild i got past all the traps with no hits.


2008-10-17 20:59:45

idead ur gane is nice - )


2008-10-18 02:20:30

It's a good game. I personally like the juggernaut. Using Stagger to stop an enemy buff while gaining 20 power for an incredibly awesomely powerful Jab or Uppercut. The reflective shield was good for blocking stuns and reversing them. Ground Jacks worked really well during the last couple of levels. Adrenaline Rush mingled with a higher level Taunt is effective for gaining large amounts of power over a certain time, then using it all to turn the battle around. The basic attack offered just the right amount of power, while the Deadly Syringe worked its way into the enemy. All in all, the Juggernaut is pretty good. I played the Alpha where you can only play as an engineer before too.


2008-10-18 02:40:17

I have only finished the game using a Psionic. Extremely fun on normal! I do have one question though..whats the answer to the jesters riddle about the blood at night? (the one where you pay 250 gold or so to take the gamble to answer..didnt know where to find the answer to it o.O)..

As for the things you would be intrested in: I LOVE the way you balanced the DoT/freeze/stun skills for the Psionic vs the monsters/bosses you fight! Extremely well developed and you can tell it took you quite some time and effort to balance that out properly! Cant wait to try out the other 2 classes!

My only con about the Psionic class (finished the game Psionic first) is that the forget skill I think worked PRETTY stupidly..the effect is GOOD but if you pick a skill that is being casted, they shouldn't be able to keep using it without interruption. Like I mean:

Monster uses Attack A and at the same time I used forgot on Attack A (or shortly before they used Attack A). Attack A still goes through EVEN if it went through AFTER forget. That really annoyed me! I suggest you change it to interrupt that skill if you picked it! (bonus for the player being smart!-->useful @ beginning of a match!!)

Also.. I really did expect a reflect skill of some sort from this class and possibly some sort of SMALL amounts of HEALTH healing from the meditation.

Also..the "equipment equipped" bar in the bazaar is HORRIBLE. Took me till level 6 and a lot of wasted to gold to figure out which slot was for which ESPECIALLY back VS magic..You may want to do it differently in the future.

Otherwise the only other things I think you could improve is on I suppose battle animation but **I THINK** that could be TOO distracting given the strategy already..maybe seeing your character with the different equipment on could be cool too.

Also the whole bazaar randomization of artifacts was kind of bad. Sometimes the ones you wanted, you wouldn't have enough for it till the next battle and it would be refreshed..maybe add a "reserve artifact" [limit 1 artifact] where the artifact would be carried on past the next refresh?

I think you should add a "ruins" section on the main map where you can explore them deeper and deeper with each level to find the legendary artifacts.. perhaps adding bosses there for bonus runes if you succeed to kill the bosses on first try otherwise you have to re-do the level but no bonus rune?

Anyway. Great game liked it a lot, found my old account from years ago just to post!


2008-10-19 03:31:34

I seriously dont get the forest... some kind of riddle/cryptic hint would be nice, or am i just missing it :P anyway google didnt tell me the answer, any chance of a guide somewhere?


2008-10-19 14:05:01

Yeah the game was awsome but i srsly need help with the riddle where you get 2 runes

"When Talesworth goes dark,
We hunt and thrive,
The color of blood,
Doth come alive

Who am i?"

I tought it was the night but it was not it. If you dont want to tell here in public PLEASE send me a pm :)


2008-10-19 15:38:31

Same for me...this kind of riddles become painfully hard if english is not your language...i can speak it but to think something in it is way too far for me...



2008-10-22 15:17:03

answer to that riddle is "crimson brotherhood" .. the assasin guild.


2008-10-25 01:28:09

sweet game i really like it, but i cant figure out the quest in the forest something about a lost dog... anyways im having trouble with the directions i might not be getting the whole puzzle but its just bugging the hell outa me if anyone know the trick i would appreciate the help


2008-10-25 10:46:05

I like your game! :D But now that I think of it, you should probably add more varieties to the enemies. Perhaps randomly generated skills, based on certain templates (so that you don't get a wizard's and a gas user's spells at the same time), that would be quite nice.

As for the forest quest... you'll have to experiment - each time you take a good turn, the scenery will change, if you take a wrong turn, you'll return at the start, near the oak tree. Try different directions and you'll get it right after a while, though it might take some time. I can't remember the directions, unfortunately, but they can probably be googled, if you are in cba mode.


2008-10-25 15:51:54

thanks dude that hella helped i just didnt figure out the puzzle, and when ya said that the senario got brighter i figured it all out. that one would have been bugging me lol


2008-11-02 19:43:33

ok for those that want the forest done :

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILE RS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ok this is from the oak tree, just keep clicking around and you WILL find it

n light trails
w clusters
n chaos
w brook
s ridge
w regal
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END SPOILERS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
you should be able to figure it out yourself ^.^